Feminization & Sissy training

You didn't notice that I'm really a man

Making love to a transvestite like me

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When we met at the bar, you were already a little drunk. When I sat down next to you and handed you a drink, your ego was so stoked that a woman would buy you a drink, that you didn't notice that I'm really a man. The moment that your lips touched the drink and you had your very first sip, the magic had already started to kick in.

It's something that goes with the territory of being a woman

Get undressed so you can put on your new breast forms

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So far, I've only made you put in the little "add a cup size" pads into your bra when we're at home. When we go out, I've allowed you to take them out so that nobody would be able to tell you've got a bra and panties on underneath your clothes.

I've decided that from now on at home, you need to wear something bigger that really shows. That is why I bought you these. Aren't they cute? Guys really like big boobs, right? What do you guys say... the bigger the better, right? So I'm sure you'll love wearing these at home. Don't worry. You'll get used to having boobs. Its just something that goes with the territory of being a woman.

Male gradually morphs to become a woman

She will turn you into a woman

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My superpowers? I have incredible strength. I can seduce any man. And when he makes love to me, it is the best sex he could possibly ever have! But when he reaches orgasm, he keeps cumming and cumming as my body sucks his balls dry. He'll keep having orgasms as I absorb his strength. It leaves him powerless, weak, and drained.

You need to start wearing your maid's uniform - I could never picture you as a real man again

Wearing a pretty uniform with a frilly white apron

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You didn't think I could do things like fix the plumbing, rewire the electric circuit, or install drywall. You thought I should just do the "women's work" around the house. But look at us now!

I'm doing all of the home improvements, while you're relegated to doing the dusting and the cleaning. You're much better at the "women's work" than you were at doing the manly things around the house!