Feminization & Sissy training

Put on my bra and panties, put on my dress, then kneel down and suck my cock

You said you wanted to try anal sex

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Ooh baby, you're so hard! Now take off your blindfold... and surprise! I'm hard too! You said you wanted to try anal sex, so here's the deal: whoever can keep it up the longest gets to fuck the other. If you can outlast me, you can take me from behind like you wanted. But if I stay hard longer, I get to fuck you!

Its your sissy cuck fantasy for me to have sex with other men

Amateur crossdresser sissy

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I understand dear. Its your fantasy for me to have sex with other men. But I took a vow, and promised myself to you. If I'm going to break my vows, there has to be a better reason that "it turns me on". This will be a whole change in our lifestyle!

If you want this so much, you know what you have to do: start dressing up as sissy cock sucker. You can start with my bra. Then put on panties, nylons and a skirt. After we stuff your bra, you can put on a tight sweater. I'll do your make-up and your nails. Then we can sit down for a talk.

I must kiss her! I must taste his cum

Her mouth is covered with another man's cum

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What has she done to me? I remember looking into my fiancee's eyes, and feeling like I was frozen in place. My eyes locked on hers, and I could not look away! As I sat there, helpless, I watched as a strange man entered the room. I watched my fiancee kiss him, then go down on him! He just came in her mouth, and wiped off his cock on her lips. As she stares at me, I cannot look away.

Learn what its like to be a woman in public

Hubby you'll be sucking cock and wanting more

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Smile for me hubby! Yes. Great picture! Now let me upload it.... and there! Its your new profile picture for the online dating site. It won't be long now before lots of men start doing an online flirt with you! I'll be the one answering their notes of course, and find a nice guy for you to date.

Don't worry honey, you're going to find it fun to be the girl on a date! Your man will buy your drinks, buy your dinner, and treat you like a lady! Yes, I know you say you only like women, but if you're going to dress up as a woman at home, its important that you learn what its like to be one in public.

I remake your mind so that you now think like a girl

Forced feminization hypnosis

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Listen and obey. You cannot look away. You cannot block me out. You can no longer struggle. Relax as I enter your mind. You are mine now. You must obey. It feels good to obey! No more struggle, no more fight, just the pure bliss of total obedience to me.

Mmm, you belong to me now. Doesn't it feel good to be all mine? No more having to make any decisions. Doesn't it feel good to not have to think anymore? Just sit back, let my thoughts rush over you, and obey me. You are mine now. Now and forever!